About Us

Welcome to Pet Water Feeder, your dedicated partner in ensuring the health and happiness of your cherished pets. Born from a passion for animals and a commitment to their well-being, Pet Water Feeder emerged as a response to a common concern among pet owners: ensuring our furry friends have access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Our Journey

Our story began when we, a group of pet lovers and enthusiasts, noticed our pets' struggle to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months or our busy days when we couldn't always be there to refill their bowls. We realized that hydration is as vital to our pets as it is to us, and the lack of it can lead to numerous health issues. This realization sparked an idea that led to the creation of Pet Water Feeder - a solution designed to provide pets with a constant supply of fresh water.

Our Mission

At Pet Water Feeder, our mission is simple yet profound: to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by providing innovative, high-quality pet products. We believe that every pet deserves the best care possible, and it's our goal to make pet care easy and efficient for pet owners. Our products are designed not only to meet the fundamental needs of pets but also to integrate seamlessly into the lifestyle of the modern pet owner, ensuring convenience, reliability, and satisfaction.

Our Products

Our flagship product, the Automatic Pet Water Feeder, embodies our commitment to innovation and quality. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, it ensures your pet has access to fresh water throughout the day. But our vision doesn't stop there. We've expanded our product line to include a variety of pet care items, from innovative feeding solutions to toys and accessories, all designed with your pet's health and happiness in mind.

Our Values

  • Compassion: At the heart of Pet Water Feeder is a deep love for all pets. We're driven by compassion and a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of pets and their owners.

  • Innovation: We're committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our team is constantly researching and developing new ways to enhance pet care through our products.

  • Quality: We hold our products to the highest standards. Every item we offer is tested and approved by pet care professionals and, of course, our own pets.

  • Community: Pet Water Feeder is more than a company - it's a community of pet lovers. We value the insights and feedback from our customers, as it helps us grow and improve.

Join Our Community

We invite you to explore our products and join our community of satisfied pet owners. At Pet Water Feeder, we're more than just a brand - we're a family united by our love for pets. Together, let's make pet care effortless and ensure our furry friends lead happy, healthy lives.

Thank you for choosing Pet Water Feeder. We look forward to serving you and your pets.

E-mail: info@petwaterfeeder.com

Address: 28010 Eucalyptus Ave, Moreno Valley, California, 92555, USA